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Though our shop is small, we take pride in having a wide selection; something for anyone who loves to read.

Our largest sets are fiction (both paperback and hardcover), and large-format art, architecture, and photography books. Another very popular section is our Local Favourites, where we feature works by the exceptionally talented good people of New Brunswick and the rest of the Maritimes.

We've been described by happy customers as "diversely curated," "eclectic," and even "amazing." We modestly accept such praise, and hope you'll feel the same way on your visit.
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Section NameDescriptionFloor
Section NameDescriptionFloor
Architecture LOTS of these. Mainly large-format glossy editions, covering a wide spectrum. 
Around the Home Decorating; painting; cleaning.  
Art & Photography LOTS of these too. Mainly large-format glossy editions, covering a similarly broad spectrum. 
BARGAINS We can't bear to throw them out, but we can't stand to keep them. 25 cents each -- we help carry them to your car if you want get more than ten! 
Biography Memoirs, autobiographies, and other forms of life stories. The rich and famous, the local and less well known, and the forgotten. 
Birdwatching Special focus on New Brunswick and regional species. 
Boring Textbooks New and newish essays, criticism, texts on sociology, etc. Good stuff if that's your area; not light reading though. 
Business Carnegie to Gates to Friedman; advice and analyses. 
Canadiana Books about our land and its history 
Canadian writers Alden Nowlan, Farley Mowat, Margaret Atwood, and the undeservedly less famous.  
Cheap beach reads You know you love them. We won't tell. Every book $2.95 or less. 
Children A wide variety for the young and very young.  
Cookbooks Wide-ranging standards as well as specialized cuisines. 
Earth & Environment Al Gore, J. Lovelock, Rachel Carson, and some more technical works. 
Extreme Adventure Defying death -- usually. 
Fibre Arts Weaving, knitting, spinning, and much more. 
Fiction - hard cover Mostly newer, some older. All good! 
Fiction - paperback New and newish. Between 700 and 1,000 volumes at any one time, carefully chosen and neatly sorted. 
First Nations and African Heritage A small but important section. 
Folio Society Beautifully and uniquely bound and illustrated editions of classics old and new. All in matching slipcovers and in New condition. 
Gardening Practical manuals, flowers, and green advice. 
Graphic Novels & Comix A small selection, but good stuff. 
Health Aging well, living better, dieting, gluten-free, and so on. 
History Ancient, modern, and sociological stuff. 
Humour Who's to say what's funny? In this case, you. 
LGBTQ Fiction, memoirs, how-to, and history.  
Literature From Aeschylus to Zola, an extensive selection of classic writing over many centuries. 
Local favourites Writers and poets from Alma, around New Brunswick, and beyond. 
Media and Miscellany We can't determine a better category name; it's just too random! 
Military Spies, the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, RAF, RCMP, the Cold War, and more. Let slip the dogs! 
Music -- Blues CDs Dozens of greats from Canada and the US, old and new. 
Music -- Books Books about bands and books about love. Of music. 
Music -- CD sets Ella Fitzgerald, Jelly Roll Morton, Andres Segovia, and more. 
Music -- Old sheet music From the 1900s through the 1950s. Excellent condition. 
Mysteries Lee Child, Henning Mankell, Robert B., and other masters of genre. 
Myth and Fairy Tales Beowulf, Lang, Grimm, and more. 
Plays From the ancient Greeks through Shakespeare to much newer stuff. 
Poetry Extensive collection of Canadian and world poets. 
Politics Canadian, American, and World 
Reading and Writing The writer's craft, resources, and the rewards thereof. 
Reference Dictionaries, atlases, encyclopediae, and other vestiges of the hazy time before the internet. 
Religion For the devout, the doubters, and the devilish 
Rural Life Living in the country, or living alone, and loving it. Fiction, how-to, and deep thoughts. 
Science The breadth of science topics, both popular and technical. 
Science Fiction and Fantasy From the old masters (Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Herbert, Tolkien) to the new (Vinge, Gibson, Stephenson, Mieville).  
Scotland and the Scots A small and eclectic section. But it's not crap! 
Self-help We all need some sometimes: Scott Peck, Chicken Soup, many more sources. 
Short Stories Collections by single authors, by multiple authors, and on single topics. 
Signed By Author Diane Ackerman, Cokie Roberts, Paul Auster, and many Canadians.  
Technology Gelernter, Dertouzos, Donald Norman, Neal Stephenson, and other techies who can write. 
Teen & Young Adult Favourite authors from E. Nesbit to Suzanne Collins 
The Holocaust Remember it ... or at least never forget. 
Travel Canadian, US, and worldwide travels of all kinds. 
Women about women Friedan, Brownmiller, Greer, Faludi, Paglia ... 
Showing 54 items