We have a very wide selection (see here) of new, used, and some rare books. Our new books are chosen from many sources for their high quality, value, and appeal. Our used books are very gently used. You've seen the tattered and broken-down old volumes that clutter some bookstores; we prefer to offer you newer, neater copies.

A little history

The bookshop was originally Judson Cleveland's woodshed. You can still see where the dirt floor once ended (the area used for splitting wood) and where the woodshed began (for stacking the split wood). A small door in the wall allowed someone to pass wood directly into a bin in the kitchen where, of course, there was a big wood-burning stove to heat the house and make hot water.

The little door is still there, but otherwise this humble shed has been transformed over the years into a two-storey fully enclosed part of the main house (E. Annie Proulx, author of Brokeback Mountain and The Shipping News, writes of it in her more recent book Bird Cloud). Add a few thousand carefully selected books, some warm rugs and comfy chairs, a little blues music, and sunlight, and it's now a cozy little book shop unique in the Maritimes. A must-stop destination for book lovers visiting the Fundy area.

What do we offer besides being a regular walk-in bookshop?

  • Great music on tap all day long, and for sale.
  • Special ordering for your hard-to-find items
  • Comfy chairs for adults to enjoy as they read or rest.
  • A tiny nook for children only, with new children's books and chairs just their size.
  • Knowledgeable sales clerks (Steve and Jane) also can tell you about places to go and things to do in Alma, Fundy National Park, and the Fundy area.
  • Unbeatable proximity to the Cleveland Place B&B and Artisan Shop.
  • Special collections for the truly addicted.

Contacting us

Call us at 506-887-2213 with any questions or to place orders.

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