We've used The Artisan's Shop to hold a number of hands-on workshops. These are generally reserved and paid in advance events, facilitated by experienced artists or craftspeople, for up to fifteen participants at once. An elegant gourmet lunch at the B&B is also served as part of the experience. Feedback from those attending has been universally enthusiastic!

  • Jane Chrysostom:
    • Grain-to-table (grinding, preparation, and baking) demonstration
    • "Jane's Whey" cheesemaking
    • "Shedding light on candles" chandlering demonstration
    • Historic soap-making
    • Weaving
    • Sheep-to-Shawl (spinning and weaving) demonstration
  • Betsey Grecoe:
    • Floor cloth making
  • Deborah Carr:
  • Liz Smith:
    • Rug-hooking
  • Peggy Woolsey
    • Print Making
Chef and hostess at book launch & luncheon event
Floor cloth workshop: work in progress