Special Collections

Over the course of many years, we've accumulated some very special sets of books. Available only as a group (individual volumes are not for sale separately), each of these exceptional sets offer a unique opportunity for the right person. Yes, we mean you! Contact us for a detailed listing of the contents of any set below. As always, we don't charge tax, but must charge for shipping in these cases.

Mosaic Jazz set

Mosaic publishes definitive sets of the work of world-renowned musicians. We have a large matching collection of boxed sets of the complete works of dozens of jazz greats and jazz gods. Specifically, 520 CDs in 102 boxed sets, with titles like The Complete Capitol Recordings of the Nat King Cole Trio and The Complete Candid Charles Mingus and including both live and studio recordings. All unplayed and in cool dry storage.

Please contact us to inquire about pricing.

Stoddard's Lectures

A complete ten-volume set with all five supplementary volumes. Written by world traveller and popular 19th century speaker John Stoddard, this set is thickly illustrated and in excellent condition. Printed in 1906.


James Fenimore Cooper

A very large and especially impressive set of Cooper's complete works. Published in 1901 in thirty-two volumes, this is a limited edition (#53 of 1000). Excellent condition, and a fine addition to any library shelf.



A set of seventy-five hardcover novels about pirates and the piratical life in port and on the high seas, by various authors. Published between 1897 and 1960, most are first editions, and most in very good condition. Indulge your inner buccaneer!



The works of the great 18th century writer and philosopher, translated into English. A mint condition set of twenty-two volumes, most pages still uncut. 1901 edition. Excellent condition and beautifully made.


Crowned Gems of France

A lovely set of fifteen volumes of French literature, translated into English. Nicely illustrated, this is the 1902 so-called "Royal Edition" and well deserves the name.


Folio Society editions

The Folio Society says "Our pleasure in reading is enhanced by the book itself, in which typography, illustration, paper, printing and binding all play a part in creating a harmonious whole." To this end, they create editions in which all these elements are carefully brought together to produce beautiful books, as much of a pleasure to hold and examine as they are to read and to keep.

Cleveland Place Books has been fortunate to procure over fifty volumes of these fine books. All in new or like new condition and all with pristine slipcases, many with bound-in ribbon place-markers. Both fiction and non-fiction are represented, an eclectic collection from Ovid to Ruskin to Joyce.

This set only is available on a per-volume basis, and is on daily display in the bookshop. So if you're interested, don't wait too long!

$35 to $90 per volume