Available Rooms

Built at a time when a large family -- and its domestic help -- were common, Judson Cleveland built his house with five bedrooms to accommodate his family and his live-in housekeeper. Today these rooms are preserved or restored to their period look and feel, while furnished with the modern conveniences to make your stay cozy and relaxing. Up to four of them are currently available for your stay.

Number One

A cozy room with a spool bed and a window facing to the ocean. Otherwise furnished with a vintage pine chest of drawers and a rush seat rocking chair.

Patterned wallpaper is complemented by original paintings by maritime artist Rod MacKay.

Number Two

An airy room with two twin beds and two large windows, facing the ocean and the village. Furnished with two antique mahogany chests of drawers, an upholstered window seat, a bedside table, and a chair.

Blue and white wallpaper is complemented by original paintings by distinguished maritime artist Rod Mackay, and Marg LeBlanc, as well as vintage prints.

Number Three

An impressive room with a four-poster canopy double bed. A mattress warmer makes this especially comfy during cooler seasons. Furnished with a large mahogany chest of drawers, matching chairs, an antique secretary desk, an upholstered bench that can also serve as a suitcase stand, and a bedside table.

Original period wallpaper is complemented by original paintings by local artists Brenda Burzyinski and David McCormack, as well as vintage prints.

Number Four

A quiet, smaller room with a mahogany double bed and a matching Colonial highboy. Its window looks out to the west, and its bedside tables hold a selection from the bookshop, as well as Tiffany-style lamps. A Persian rug adds richness and warmth.

The walls hold vintage prints and 1890s oil paintings by Alice Howes.

This was originally "the housekeeping room", attached to the bathroom, which at the time was used mainly for domestic chores. Today that convenience results in a modern full ensuite bath (housekeeper not included).


Each guest room includes:

  • free Wi-Fi
  • land-line telephone
  • built-in adjustable heating
  • bedside lighting
  • alarm clock
  • carpeted hardwood floor
  • locking door
  • closet
  • extra pillows
  • extra blankets
  • portable fan